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Thread: Firewall....plese help !

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    I've got ZA Security Suite and so far these are my stats : 2245 Instrusions have been blocked since Install, 14 of those have been high rated and my Firewall says : 2277 access attempts blocked.....Is this normal? Am I supposed to have all these attempts blocked ? I'm concerned that somebody over the Net is trying to hijack my system.....please any info would be appreciated !

    Thanks !


    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    Hi JordanJ-P ,
    What are seeing is normal most of these alerts are caused by what is called internet background noise nothing to be concerned about. Just relax and feel confident that ZA is protecting you.Don't worry so much

    Read this

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    It's normal, it's just you don't notice these things until you install real firewall and see what's really going on.

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    I think there is some unnecessary panic here cause by the term "Intrusions". I suggest you read the posts in this thread to put things in perspective:-

    Especially those by me (FrereOP) and SoCalReviews.

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