Since I installed the latest version of ZApro firewall, I notice that there are no fwin alerts in the firewall log. Program alerts are there, fwout alerts are there, but not one fwin ('firewall in') alert. I know internet traffic hasn't changed in a few minutes or hour, so it looks like either incoming traffic is not being detected, is all being passed through as safe, or is not being logged properly. Is this a ZApro problem, or could some malware be causing this error? I ran AVG antivirus, it didn't find a problem.

I also noticed that the programs winlogon.exe and userinit logon (windows system programs) also started to ask permission to use the internet browser to connect to the internet, and before they didn't do this. Before, it would just be the internet browser that would ask for permission.

Also, how do you a complete uninstall of this version (including going into the registry)? The installer included with the latest version doesn't do it. I tried the /clean suggestion, and that wasn't really a full uninstall either, there was something still in the registry. (I know this because I uninstalled and tried to install a different version of ZA, and it used the ver 6.5 serial number from my previous install even though I didn't input that.)

Help! I've never had the Zonealarm firewall do this before.

Any firewall and windows expert have any suggestions?