Zonealarm (free) is one of the
last to load programs at windows startup, so
what is protecting the
computer meanwhile ?
Running Win2k. Even old versions version of zonealarm had this problem, I noticed this
for over a year,
which got worse as zonealarm became a bigger
and bigger utility. I tried different computers, reinstall windows, change what programs are loading, etc. I left zonealarm in registry to run or tried to manually run as an icon in
startmenu startup folder.

I know windows does not have a
setup rule when prorgams load and which order, but it does concern me. I know that during startup all programs are delayed, but little keyloggers, viruses, programs to be blocked, etc
still have a slight chance to
get through.

Maybe if zonealarm had two files, one that is much much smaller
which gives it a
chance to load almost immediately at startup. Then the main zonealarm which finally runs takes over and shuts down the first file. The little file, all it does is disable all network connections for safety at startup.



Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
Software Version:6.5