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Thread: GoToAssist Being Blocked

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    tomster Guest

    Default GoToAssist Being Blocked

    I use a remote access service called GoToAssist (part of Citrix) to work with my clients.
    They are all XP SP2 users.... and using ZoneAlarm Pro which is my standard recommendation.
    Recently, however,
    it seems there have been some "features" added to ZoneAlarm
    that causes a ZA pop-up window to ask for permission about every 10 minutes.
    I do not seen it on my screen... but can tell when it happens because
    I lose access to their system.
    At that point I have to call the person and ask them to check their screen for popups, then click OK...
    this happens about every 10 minutes which gets old very quickly.
    Anyone having this problem or any solutions?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    blueeyedfox Guest

    Default Re: GoToAssist Being Blocked

    I do not understand why you do not see security alerts, check your settings,
    If you were able to see it you can click a box to allow it all the time.
    Since you do not see it, I reccomend you reinstall or
    Go to the Program Control Programs list and look for the EXE for GoToAssist and give Super internet access
    Please explain your situation in a little bit more detail if this doesnt help so I can better assit you

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    tomster Guest

    Default Re: GoToAssist Being Blocked

    Cannot explain why I cannot see the alerts... the local user can see them... I cannot.
    The only workaround so far is to immediately assign super rights for GoToAssist upon making a connection - and even here, the final "OK" to allow this has to be done by the local user.
    I can see the window asking to confirm that I want to do this, but I am unable to click on the button to allow it to proceed.
    Once the local user clicks on it... then I can both see and access the ZA popups.
    This is with XP systems, up to date with patch from MS.

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