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Thread: Access Server Icon in Dash Board

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    valeriezz Guest

    Default Access Server Icon in Dash Board

    About 50 percent of the time, when I boot my system, an icon appears in the Dashboard that has a hand under it.
    Actually there are two different kinds of hands - almost identical.
    One is more defined than the other in its picture.
    The help manual tells me the following:

    The icon blinks when the program is sending or receiving data.<a target="_blank"></a>

    hand symbol under the icon indicates that the program is active as server and is listening for connection requests.<a target="_blank"></a>
    While I have not authorized any program to act as server - this is very concerning.
    If I turn my system off and back on several times - it finally stops showing up.

    I hear little bells throughout the day like a printer or some other hardware connecting to my system or disconnecting - when I am not doing anything like that.

    Please help me.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    valeriezz Guest

    Default Re: Access Server Icon in Dash Board

    I do not understand why this question has been viewed at least 64 times and no one is responding.
    Someone please answer my question or tell me why no one is responding.
    Thank you so very kindly

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    Default Re: Access Server Icon in Dash Board

    Open up the program panel in ZA. And look down both server columns. The one you really need to look at is the internet server column. If any of those have a green check, then those are the ones accepting connections from the internet. A green check in the trusted zone server column means that program is accepting connections from your LAN (also internal to your system). Be aware, that a few programs do need internet server rights, unless your DNS servers are in the trusted zone.
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    valeriezz Guest

    Default Re: Access Server Icon in Dash Board

    Thank you for your response.
    I have done that but I don't know which ones are allowed and which are not.Also, this is not something that happens every time I boot up.
    Only about 50% of the time.
    If I see them, then I take the system down and reboot - and most times they are gone.
    Sometimes I have to do this two or three times before I don't see them anymore.
    I can't help but think that someone may be tapping into my cable connection via a wireless connection and only after I do the shut down and reboot enough times that they find another connection.
    At least that is my conspiracy theory brain working.I also, from time to time, here the MS tone that is made when hardware connects or diconnects from your system.
    And I know I am not making any changes so 'my conspiracy mind working again' thinks it might be another wireless connection logging on or off to my cable service.
    Is there anyway to know who those hands are connected to exactly and which programs in the screen you are describing are legitimate or not?
    Again - thank you so very much.

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