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Thread: Virus Found......Please help

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    amberlynn Guest

    Default Virus Found......Please help

    I just recently got ZAP and upon running my antivirus I found out that I have a virus or worm.
    The virus has several different aliases such as Rbot.EPW, [Win32/], GAOBOT.DF, Innoculate, Alcatan.
    I used the links under more information, but ZAP didn't have a listing for this.
    I ran the Microsoft malicish software tool today and it brought up a couple dozen files that it seemed to get rid of.
    I shut down and rebooted my computer and ran my antivirus again and the same thing keeps coming up, I do not know how to go about trying to fix this problem so I could use any suggestions that anyone has.
    Also, there are 4 programs icons at the top of my ZAP page can anyone tell me what these are and why they are shown there?Thank you

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    Default Re: Virus Found......Please help


    They can be hiding in the System Restore itself. Turn off or disable the Windows System restore. Then scan with your antivirus (after updating it) in the Safe Mode. Reboot. Then open the IE and go to and use the free online scan. This does not install a true antivirus scanner and you can use this free service as long as you wish. Let it repair/remove what it finds.Then reboot. Also the scanners from Panda, TrendMicro, are good since they actually repair and remove. KAV and a few do not remove and only find and show your for the manual removal.

    Good freeware applications for trojans, worms and malware are Ewido from and ASquared from Both are manual update and manual scanners.

    The next time your antivirus finds something like this, just let it remove it and have all files and data saved and other programs closed. Then pull the PC's power cord from the power socket. The instant loss of RAM memory and the hard shut down helps kill the viri. Then repower, wait a few minutes, and startup the PC. Immediately disable the System Restore and reboot into the Safe Mode itself.Scan with the antivirus again. Then use a file/registry cleaner to help remove any leftover traces from the viri. Then reboot into Normal mode and do some online scans to confirm there is no othere viri or malware left.

    Best regards.

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    amberlynn Guest

    Default Re: Virus Found......Please help

    I followed your suggestions and had no luck.
    You will have to forgive me because I am new at all of this.
    When I run the scan and the results come up, to the right of the files it identifies the infection as a virus.
    Under the treatment section of the main box it says that there is no treatment available.
    Should there be a way to quarentine these files because I do not see that option.
    I am wondering if I did not install or setup up the program correctly.
    Again I apologize for my inexperience.
    I just desperately want to get rid of this thing.
    Thanks for any help.

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    Default Re: Virus Found......Please help

    HI again...

    If no treatment is available it means that a manual removal is required or just use some online scans to solve the problem. Use these ones, and use the IE for these, since they use ActiveX to function.....

    A good place for this and future malware and good references/reading/resources is here...

    and here....

    Also when reporting this event to a forum, just the name of the viri/trojan/worm/malware is very important to help us trace these things down. This is similiar to giving your Doctor the symptoms of the illness instead of just saying there is an illness. Also just googling the name of the indicated malware is a great help- there are a multitude of free removal tool available and a multitude of free manual removal instructions available.
    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Furthernore, if it said no treatment available, did it say anything about removal? or the exact name of what it is? or the the exact location of where it is? These are very valuable to help us get to fix the issue. So reply again and give this info, because that is what we need to know to continue and resolve this problem.

    Best regards.

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