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Thread: ALG.exe restarted upon clean install.. That normal?

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    precurser Guest

    Default ALG.exe restarted upon clean install.. That normal?

    Hi to all @ ZoneLabs and other zlclients,
    10 months of enjoying the ease of ZoneAlarm Free (winXP SP2), i finally decided to trial and
    imminently purchase the Pro Edition.After choosing "clean install" and a) Using explorer b) Opening mail program, plus c) Logging on then off only online game server i use, everything is working perfectly (AFAIK !!), and am VERY pleased.
    ?I do have question concerning "ALG.exe". I rarely saw this process running in Taskmgr while using
    the free installation of ZoneAlarm.Now i am able to see it "listening to" a port number 10XX, and this changes also. The program access/server settings for ALG have also changed of their own accord, so i guess
    my question would be:Q. Why might i suddenly be needing this process again, is it
    used by
    ZoneAlarm Pro?..And can it be exploited by outside threats? i am a novice user, but do recognize it as a genuine XP service.
    EDIT: Since my posting, i see in a FAQ here, a reference to ICS
    available in the
    Pro Edition... Could this be my ALG dependency?

    May-or-not be relevant:-ALG service is set to manual in Services.msc-ZA SmartDefense is set to Auto;-During ZA Pro trial install i opted to participate in sharing of settings (i dont recall the exact wording!) for database (?) at ZoneLabs (hope that made sense);-All other software is
    up-to-date, and none (0!) are set to AutoUpdate.-I do only the three above mentioned online activities (iexplore, Mail & 1 game)
    on this machine, except for:

    -Recently tested, shutdown and disabled (from startup)
    VoIP software. (Could this have
    the ALG process?)
    Apologies if i am barking up wrong tree!
    Thanks to anyone for any advice on this topic.Sincerely,PreC
    PS: GAME MODE is the absolute GREATEST. I see
    many other gamers
    needing to disable FW completely!

    Operating System:
    Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: ALG.exe restarted upon clean install.. That normal?

    I think you've answered your own question. ALG.exe is a process belonging to Windows XP OS and is a core process for Microsoft Windows Internet Connection sharing and Internet connection firewall. It is not dangerous and the behavior you're seeing is normal.

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    precurser Guest

    Default Re: ALG.exe restarted upon clean install.. That normal?

    Thanks to BillC for confirmation,
    I am relieved to hear that from a knowledgeable personage.The running process does not chew too much RAM/CPU, and since it is safe, i rest easier.

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