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Thread: ZAPro + Norton AV 2007 !!!

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    albertf Guest

    Default ZAPro + Norton AV 2007 !!!

    What have I done!

    It says
    ZAP and NAV are compatible on
    . I mean Zonelabs has got it there in black and white and
    even telling me to use NAV because
    its the best!
    My NAV 2005 just put up its updates expire notice so
    thought right, got ZAP so I'd get latest, NAV 2007.
    Downloaded fine, but, about ten minutes into install, the NAV 2007 flags "NAV and ZAP Incompatible. Uninstall ZAP and reboot to complete NAV install."
    What do you do in mid install of an AV program except do what it says!
    Result! My ZAPs gone and the NAV 2007 is showing its inbound firwall is ON, so at least not wide open.
    Got paid for but now suppressed ZAP and about half year updates to run. Just paid
    35 for the NAV and a year's updates.
    QQQ: What's best sensible "thing to do"
    for reasonable online safety please?
    For info:

    4 MHz broadband, no network, Win XP Home SP2 + IE6
    SP1 (Not updating to IE7 or Vista - both look busted before they even start). (Use Outlook Express, Windows Messenger, also Firefox and Opera sometimes. Standard family single machine; general net surfing,
    homework, letters, emails, that sort of stuff. Nothing business related or similarly critical on it, only online accounts and purchases in fact, would you believe, amount to no more than paying all the annual update subs for all the odds and ends like ZAP, NAV, Popup blockers, system cleaners and some fancy Windows tweakers.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: ZAPro + Norton AV 2007 !!!

    There are certain features in the latest NAV 2007 that can conflict with Zone Alarm Pro. But there is a solution that seems to work for everyone that's tried it. You need to turn off the Worm Protection feature in NAV. This feature is sort of a partial firewall itself that can conflict with Zone Alarm and adds nothing in the way of protection.

    If you currently have Zone Alarm Pro uninstalled, just download and install a fresh copy. It will recognize your license and the time remaining on it. You should be able to use both products.

    BTW, you are by no means the first person who innocently tried to install NAV 2007 with this result. Some have just finished the install and ignored the warning. If I didn't already know the solution , I would have uninstall Zone Alarm Pro as you did.

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    albertf Guest

    Default Re: ZAPro + Norton AV 2007 !!!

    Hi Bill,
    Many thanks for info. Disabled NAV worms and ZAP back and running, seems fine, only thing is in its AV it reports it can't see any AV on my machine . Don't mind that as if it changes to ok some time after an update it'll show someone's done a proper fix.
    Nice to see the icon back in the systray again, have got very used to using it as a rough guide to what's happening on background
    updates, emails, downloads, slow websites, all that sort of stuff.
    Thanks again

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