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Thread: Uninstall Zone Alarm 6.5 Before IE 7 Install???

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    robertc Guest

    Default Uninstall Zone Alarm 6.5 Before IE 7 Install???

    Good morning.
    If my buddy "BillC" is not on line I hope another of you gurus can answer my question.
    In preparing to install the new Internet Explorer 7, I don't want to go into it blind, thus I've been trying to find out all I can of pre-install "do's and don't's" first.
    Now, I have been told that you should uninstall Zone Alarm 6.5 before installing IE 7.
    If you don't, ZA still stop the IE installation from putting some data into the registry keys and cause the installation to fail.

    Is this correct or not?
    I have checked out the IE 7 Release Notes and found no mention of it.
    And I have checked the Microsoft/IE 7 sites to see if there were pre-install steps to follow but found no outlines.
    Maybe you have some information on this subject also.



    10:30 a.m.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Uninstall Zone Alarm 6.5 Before IE 7 Install???

    Hey Robert. That's news to me. Where did you get the information about uninstalling Zone Alarm before installing IE 7? What you could do if you're worried is download and save the IE 7 installation file, then go to your Zone Alarm Overview > Preferences panel and uncheck the 'Load Zone Alarm at Startup' option. Now reboot and run the IE installation without Zone Alarm running. Once completed, recheck the load at boot option in Zone Alarm. You might also need to go to your Zone Alarm Program Control > Programs list , right click on the IE entry, then click to remove it. Now open your new IE browser and add it to the list with 'access' in both zones. I'm not sure this is needed but sometimes Zone Alarm will not allow a program with previous 'access' granted if you update or upgrade it....Zone Alarm things something evil is happening.

    I use Firefox and have not installed IE 7 but I will as soon as it gets some wide-spread testing.

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    robertc Guest

    Default Re: Uninstall Zone Alarm 6.5 Before IE 7 Install???

    Hello, "Yellow Jacket," and thanks for your speedy response.
    To answer your question, I got it from a link in "Windows Secrets," a very good newsletter subscription.
    Here's the link on my printout
    - - http:// Look
    for "Before Installing IE 7" and go down the list to point #7.
    The woman who authored it also followed it with another section on "Troubleshooting Internet Explorer 7."

    I plan to upgrade to IE 7 and then I'll probably add
    Firefox now that it's out of beta.
    I'm keeping a file on it also.
    Hope all is well with you and that everything is fine in Buckhead and on East Paces Ferry Road.


    11:45 a.m.

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Uninstall Zone Alarm 6.5 Before IE 7 Install???

    I too subscribe to Windows Secrets...a truly great newsletter IMHO. I did not follow the link because I made the choice not to install IE 7 just yet. as I've said, I use Firefox as my default browser but I will eventually get to IE 7.

    I followed the link to the post from another user and have since e-mailed Sandi, the author of the post & website. For what it's worth, I too may a Microsoft MVP like Sandi (not as many years though) and to my knowledge this is not a suggestion from Microsoft but her. I do believe if you follow my suggestion of un-checking the start at boot option in Zone Alarm then rebooting before installing IE that you shouldn't have any problems.

    Oh gosh, I wish I did live on West Paces Ferry but alas I live on Peachtree Battle Circle. My Yellow Jackets play NC State tonight at 7 on ESPNU.

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    robertc Guest

    Default Re: Uninstall Zone Alarm 6.5 Before IE 7 Install???

    Hello again Bill,
    Well, you know how to find the info when you're ready.
    The link is in the woman column who writes the Windows patches info near the end of the newsletter.
    And it was in one of the latest editions, if not the latest.
    By the way, I also posted my question at one of the Microsoft newsgroup sites before I posted it here at Zone Alarm.
    Two people said they just disabled ZA, antivirus, etc. software before downloading IE 7.
    However, I did get another one from a mvp that said I should uninstall ZA 6.5 but not the latest version - - or something to that effect.
    I wrote back that I thought 6.5.737.00 that I installed in late September was the latest version!
    Oh, well.
    Did I say West Paces Ferry?

    meant to say EAST Paces Ferry. Is H. Stockton of Atlanta
    still going strong?
    I saw in the listings this a.m. that Tech was playing NC State tonite. You should win.
    Wish your Jackets had beaten Clemson recently.
    Was pulling for you to get a win there.



    2:25 p.m.

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Uninstall Zone Alarm 6.5 Before IE 7 Install???

    Let me know what others say about Zone Alarm. I'm just giving you my opinion because I've not tried it yet.

    You did say East Paces, but West Paces is where the homes are located. East Paces Ferry is mostly commercial now. And there are still at least one H. Stockton run by Ham's son Chip Stockton who married Ann Voegeli. Small world, huh?

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    pairofhearts Guest

    Default Re: Uninstall Zone Alarm 6.5 Before IE 7 Install???

    ..........I installed IE7 with ZAPro on my machine. Downloaded the new application, shutdown internet connection and ran the installer all with ZApro running. Was 2 weeks ago now and all is well, touch my wooden head, not a glitch and ZApro running as smooth as silk.

    WindowsXP Media Edition
    250gb HD
    1gb memory

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    robertc Guest

    Default Re: Uninstall Zone Alarm 6.5 Before IE 7 Install???

    Thanks pairofhearts/Lyle for your input.
    Am I correct in assuming your ZA Pro version is a 6.5.737.00 just like my ZA free version?
    I don't plan to install IE 7 right away.
    I'm just trying to get "the ducks in a row" before I do the install,
    as I don't want to get caught by any surprises during the actual process.
    Thanks again,



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    pairofhearts Guest

    Default Re: Uninstall Zone Alarm 6.5 Before IE 7 Install???

    .......yup, you assume correctly. Same version as the free.

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    martinlw Guest

    Default Re: Uninstall Zone Alarm 6.5 Before IE 7 Install???

    I can confirm that ZoneAlarm can cause issues with an IE7 installation. Within 2 days of installing IE7, some of my software would no longer open and a language toolbar "thingy" appeared on my task bar. I was finally able to do a Windows System Restore back to before the installation and then had to fix a pulsating pointer that would change from pointer to hourglass and then back again. I couldn't open ZoneAlarm or uninstall it so I had to uncheck the True Vector Internet Monitor in Configsys before I could uninstall my ZoneAlarm Antivirus and then reinstall. Everything is now back to normal minus the IE7.

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