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Thread: Uninstall Zone Alarm 6.5 Before IE 7 Install???

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    robertc Guest

    Default Re: Uninstall Zone Alarm 6.5 Before IE 7 Install???

    Thanks pairofhearts and Martinlw for your responses.
    It is amazing!
    Some people with ZA free or pro have
    had no
    problems installing IE 7 and some have had
    a lot of headaches along with you Martinlw.
    I've been reading about a lot of the installation hangups at the Microsoft IE newwsgroup site and most of them are problems other than with ZA.
    When I do decide to install IE 7, I believe I will uninstall ZA and then put it back on after I get the new IE on the computer.
    I have the current ZA version still in my "Incoming" folder so it should be easy enough to put it back
    on the computer.
    I guess the next big wave of problems will come with Vista in early '07.
    hope Microsoft will let ZA work with it, also Norton and the other software products.
    Thanks again,



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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: Uninstall Zone Alarm 6.5 Before IE 7 Install???

    I believe it also is older versions of ZA that will and have for me anyway conflicted with
    IE7 and ZA,I use the 4.5 version and on the box that runs it ran IE7 installer,which whacked ZA all out of shape by constantly having it crash,so a reinstall resolved that,but later noticed numerous IE runtime errors being caused,troubleshooting brought up ZA again,so I uninstalled ZA 4.5 and reinstalled IE7 from scratch,then reinstalled ZA4.5 and have found no issues as of yet,so for some Sandy's instruction may have to be followed,but for others no problems have arisen.

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    robertc Guest

    Default Re: Uninstall Zone Alarm 6.5 Before IE 7 Install???

    Thanks, "FlyYourWay," for your interest and comments.
    When I get ready to install IE 7 I think I'll just uninstall ZA
    prior to
    the download and installation and then put ZA back on after that.
    How's that for "just playing it safe?"
    I sure don't need any headaches with the IE install.

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    Default Re: Uninstall Zone Alarm 6.5 Before IE 7 Install???

    If I may add just disable any security software temporarily from start up and prior to downloading and installing Internet Explorer 7 as I am running ZoneAlarm Pro 6.5.737.000 and have not had any problems.
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