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Thread: Dramatic reduction in firewall alerts.

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    cherrygarcia Guest

    Default Dramatic reduction in firewall alerts.

    i have just changed broadband isps and with that comes a wireless capable router. as my single pc sits next to the router i am connecting via ethernet cable to the lan port and not using the wireless capability. i have also upgraded my free zone alarm to version 6.5.737.000. i have also changed to internet explorer 7 from ie 6. i am using xp sp2 home edition with the windows fire wall off. i am also using avg free antivirus.
    now here my question, since doing the upgrades i have noticed that the number of firewall alerts in zone alarm have dropped to zero. there are still programme alerts. is this normal? i have done free security checks at norton(which doesn't recognise avg as common antivirus program)
    and grc(shields up) and these say i'm ok but this drastic reduction in firewall alerts has me slightly concerned.
    any observations/comment/help would be appreciated.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: Dramatic reduction in firewall alerts.

    Hi cherrygarcia ,
    Nothing to worry about, your new router is doing the job of blocking incoming probes thus the dramatic drop in the alerts from ZoneAlarm.If anything does pass your router ZA will catch and you'll receive an alert.

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    cherrygarcia Guest

    Default Re: Dramatic reduction in firewall alerts.

    thanks for that, it's put my mind at rest.

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    Default Re: Dramatic reduction in firewall alerts.

    You're welcome

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