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    When I start up my computer Zonealarm Pro 4.5 is the last program that loads in my system tray.On occassion I have noticed that my NOD32 antivirus brings up a window that the latest virus definitions have been installed even before the Zonealarm icon appears in the system tray at startup. Does that suggest that during startup that there is a short lapse in time in which Zonealarm is not providing firewall protection while I am connected to the internet.
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    The TrueVector Security Engine (vsmon) which is found in all ZoneLabs products is one of the first services to start when you turn on your PC resulting in immediate protection from the internet.
    The 'ZA' icon or GUI may be one of the last items to load when you log on but you are protected from the get go.
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    Thank you for your response and clarification.

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    However, be aware that malware can be active BEFORE vsmon is loaded.

    I know of a keylogger that runs as one of the very first processes when your PC starts. When the PC is turned on, it autoruns, then it edits the registry to remove its registry startup keys. This helps hide it from programs that look for autostart entries. It hides itself in memory undetected doing its stuff. When your computer is shut down, it adds its autostart keys back into the registry as one of the very last processes and after nearly everything else (including vsmon) is shut down. So you still need to be wary.

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    polak Guest

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    Thank you for your response. Probably wise to run a program such as Winsonar XP to check for hidden processes in memory.

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