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    I am getting a security alert stating: "SQL Server Windows NT is trying to use File Transfer Program to access the trusted zone."
    It is attempting to use the localhost - 4507. Should this be allowed? I don't have any automated SQL backups in place, nor any scheduled SQL Server Agent jobs scheduled. I tried to find more information on this, but was not successful.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    Do you have Microsoft SQL Server desktop edition installed? Sometimes some applications install it for a database server.Look in the Control Panel for SQL Server references.Cheers

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    ssflyer Guest

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    No, I have the full versions of SQL server 200 and 2005 installed. The message was referring to SQL Server 2000 trying to use the file transfer program on
    Since I have no scheduled jobs running, this sounded more than a bit suspicious...

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    OK, File Transfer- sound sus. I use SQL Server 2000 at work and it's soon to be replaced by 2005.It's seems to be a local transfer due to the use of and port 4507 is unassigned according to most lists I've seen on the net.Makes no sense to me.

    Now, the DTS in SQL Server 2000 does havethe abilityto useFile TranferProtocol - so check all your DTS packages.

    I think you have a DTS package running. I don't DTS much and the replacement for DTS in SQL Server 2005 (SSIS) is a pain to use.

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    ssflyer Guest

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    That's why I was so suspicious - I have no DTS packages setup (new development box) and no backup, etc. jobs running via SQL Server agent. I've run scans for everything I can think of, and nothing shows up. For now I've simply disallowed it, but would really like to find out what is initiating this behavior!
    Best regards,

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    Now shutdown SQL Server agent, and other services like Reporting Services leaving just the database Engine running. Turn the others on, one by one see which is doing it.

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