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Thread: ADSL modem leaving ports open.

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    col Guest

    Default ADSL modem leaving ports open.

    Hi,Not sure how to do this bit, but have asked long time ago. !!
    I have a speedtouch
    330 ADSL modem which connects to a USB. ,
    when i use ZA Pro
    and stealth my system .
    I run port scanning tests ,two ports (the last few on shieldup)
    are always open.
    Other FW's close these. Z.A is the only one which leaves them wide.
    I havent installed the latest version YET... i want to know if this problem has been fixed, or whether anyone now knows how to succesfully close the two open ports. If i remember right they are related to SVCHost !

    If someone has a solution, i will gladly once again use ZAP.

    Thanks for your time, best wishes and a merry Xmas all.
    Col .

    Operating System:
    Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:

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    Default Re: ADSL modem leaving ports open.


    Does the modem have any NAT capability? Are amy ports opened or forwarded?

    What are the ports that are open?

    Does the ZA have any components listed with server rights for the Internet Zone? Disable these rights and reboot and see what happens.

    Are P2P or file sharing software used on the machine?


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    Best regards.

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    col Guest

    Default Re: ADSL modem leaving ports open.

    Thanks OLDSOD,

    I'll install it, and make notes, i realize i didnt give a lot of details, P2P is Shareaza.

    Did you mean NAT ??

    i dont think Speedtouch 330

    it sorry.

    Will get back to you soon, thanks.

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    col Guest

    Default Re: ADSL modem leaving ports open.

    Hi OLDSOD,Can now tell you that my
    IP Address (using the
    CMD/ ipconfig /all

    matches the IP Address shown on the ShieldsUp site. So My modem is not NAT enabled. .

    Will tell you what port numbers are open
    in a while.

    Installed and now its stealthed, no open ports.

    doesnt detect NOD32 and worse...
    ZAP crashes every time i shut down to reboot and makes the computer very slow to start up.
    Any ideas ?? Thanks.
    Hmm, have now uninstalled , couldnt find any reasons for why
    it crashes on shutdown, must be a bug. Clean XP install to.

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    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: ADSL modem leaving ports open.

    USB ADSL modems are not routers so no NAT.

    Can you post what you believe to be your IP address? You can find it out HERE.

    If you are worried about security, post the last 3 digits as asterisks eg 192.168.0.*** but it isn't a security issue.

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    col Guest

    Default Re: ADSL modem leaving ports open.

    I already did all that previously
    in the thread
    Thanks anyway for answering, i
    managed to get
    my system stealthed, i just had to reconfigure Shareaza and Bingo. Unfortunately, ZAP crashed every reboot, and took forever to load past the welcome screen
    so its gone.
    I'll use something more stable until the next release. Thanks again. And Merry Xmas.

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