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Thread: Vulnerability in Trusted Zone

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    rnduguid Guest

    Default Vulnerability in Trusted Zone

    I have 6 more days in the trial of Zone Alarm Internet Suite ver. 7.0. Please help me understand what I (obviously) am failing to comprehend.

    I have 3 IBM machines (2
    laptops) networked ( through Linksys router, XP. 1GB,
    Everything work(ed) fine (file and printer sharing), with
    Internet Suite (6 years) and now Zone Alarm (9 days) when I am in the comfort of my home environment. Me .. ex-IBM SE,
    Field Engineer, I/T Consultant, now Real Estate Syndicator/Developer.

    When I leave the comfort of my TRUSTED (home) network,
    take one of the laptops on the road
    (AL, FL, MD, NYC,
    4 days), where
    in one location in NYC there were
    secured (6) and unsecured (18) home/business networks, I NEVER see a notification when I
    join (piggyback)
    one of these networks to use the internet. Norton would immediately (before one is allowed
    surf, which is logical) ,
    are we
    are joining a
    TRUSTED (Home, Office) or INTERNET (Away) network environment.
    ZA it seems, to my disbelief (hence why I am sure, I missed something along the way) allows the user to surf, never asks, qualifies, classifies the network, one
    is about to join
    with its Network Wizard / Network Detector.

    ALL private networks
    are considered, treated
    and automatically TRUSTED by the ZA application. Which means that anytime I join a network
    (hotels, coffee spots, etc.) to surf, anyone (now TRUSTED, because they were never qualified)
    can file and printer share with my machine? How
    does one set this application up to trust 3 (home) machines and
    NO other.. that is ..
    put the Rest Of the World in the INTERNET Zone (should be the New Network Detector) ?
    I hate to be so basic and long, in the phrasing of my question.
    Is this As Designed? I asked this question after downloading the application 3x (in case of corruption) and CCleaner, Ace Utilities, re-installing 6x.

    Network Detector does not Automatically work after installing and testing it 6x on 2 different laptops, does one have to manually invoke it every time? And how does one do that?

    Thanks for your patience and response.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Vulnerability in Trusted Zone

    Maybe this will help. Go to your ZASS Firewall > Main panel, click on the 'Advanced' button, then look at your settings in the section labeled 'Network Settings'. Perhaps you need to change one of those?

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