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Thread: Windows Genuine Advantage - Killed it - Alive Again... How?

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    sedonaturner Guest

    Default Windows Genuine Advantage - Killed it - Alive Again... How?

    I've been using ZA for a while now but I'm new to the forum.

    I recently selected 'Kill' for the Trust Level of windows genuine advantage notification(on the program control tab). I left the house for a while with the internet lock engaged. When I returned the Trust Level setting for WGA notification had been changed back to default settings. Does anyone have any insight into how this might have happened?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks D.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Windows Genuine Advantage - Killed it - Alive Again... How?

    When you have a Microsoft operating system as most the world pc's are, Microsoft has a core of services that are essential and should never be deleted or shut off; Windows Genuine Advantage program certifies that your software and new software is 'genuine'- to protect you from fakes which could damage and/or install malware without your knowledge; and to protect Microsoft. ZA has running in
    the background/behind the scenes
    of it's software a large list of approved programs(some of which should never be deleted/killed) and a large list of 'to block' programs, and other programs with user 'discretion' to delete/kill. When you download any Microsoft security update or software, you'll need it to be certified by this program. Keep it and don't worry about it. NaiveMelody NYC 3-2-07~8:41pm e.s.t. - Feels like the first time - Foreigner

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    Default Re: Windows Genuine Advantage - Killed it - Alive Again... How?

    Now - it depends! If you don't want Windows Updates or updates to Windows Media Player and similar Windows add-ons, then you can disable it. If you do, get a legit Windows license and turn the Microsoft Spyware on.

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    sedonaturner Guest

    Default Re: Windows Genuine Advantage - Killed it - Alive Again... How?

    Curious... For a year and several months before I downloaded the "Critical Security Update" from Microsoft that dubiously included Windows Genuine Advantage software all of the aps you mention functioned flawlessly. Why is this? Who and what is Windows Genuine Advantage really protecting?

    As for my Windows XP pro Operating system, Call me a fool but, I paid full pop for it. I also took the time to register my copy with Microsoft. I think that your comments in this regard are quite presumptuous.

    To anyone who can actually answer my question, I would greatly appreciate a reply.

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    Default Re: Windows Genuine Advantage - Killed it - Alive Again... How?

    Actually WGA is required if you want to install stuff like IE7, and major features in Windows as well as getting Windows updates. Normally you get a copy of Windows of installed (OEM normally), and when the install is done - you activate it.Microsoft found this did not piracy as sometimes users used pirated license numbers instead. With WGA, it is just another layer on top of activation- it stops people with pirate Windows installs from getting Windows updates (well, it's supposed to do that).If you have a proper Windows license, it's fine. Suppose your PC is using some bulk OEM corporate licence, then WGA kicks in and stops any Windows updates from getting installed. In the past, the same license would have allowed it without WGA checks. If you have a retail, upgrade or bundled OEM Windows- you should be fine.

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