Hi all...I have a problem.
The program: ZA ver 7 - free. The OS: Win XP Home and Professional.
The problem:
The file sharing on my PC (and on another PC) is NOT stopped. In trusted zone this is normal, but in Internet zone it shouldn't happen. As a result anyone can access my shared file, even if I set the system in Internet zone. To be sure I set the security level to "High" in both Internet and Trusted Zone, but it doesn't help. Some time ago it was not like that, and everything was working well. Unfortunately I have no way to understand when things changed (some installed program? mmm...).
I figured out the problem because I just installed ZA 7 free on a PC of a colleague (Having XP Prof, mine is an XP Home), and when I started setting its PC up, I found it was not blocking anything. So I checked mine, and: same problem.
I have other PCs on which the problem is not present. So I guess there is some program running, or some setting, that is interfering with ZA. Is that possible?
What could I do?

Thank you,

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
Software Version:7.0