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Thread: ZERO intrusions on DSL?

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    onedsluser Guest

    Default ZERO intrusions on DSL?

    My ISP is Verizon DSL. And I'm running Zone Alarm Security Suite.
    I just switched from dail-up to DSL four days ago, and I haven't
    received any intrusions. Is this normal? I have both Internet Zone Security and Trusted Zone Security set to High. And the Program Control is set to Maximum. The Smartdefense Advisor is set to Automatic.
    I'm running Windows XP Pro with all the latest updates.
    I've been a dail-up user for years, and even with a freshly formatted harddrive, on some days I'd get 100 attacks in one hour. I've never installed file sharing software on this computer, so that wasn't the culprit.
    My Question:
    Why haven't I received any high-rated intrusions on DSL?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    ttcrose Guest

    Default Re: ZERO intrusions on DSL?

    Your DSL provider may have a firewall on your account.
    When I first started using DSL (2003) I was getting a lot of intrusions.
    Someone was hacking into my computer and moving files, or copying them and putting them somewhere else.
    At first it was so subtle I thought I must have been doing it.
    Then one day I emptied my recycle bin without looking in it first and noticed too late that it asked if I wanted to delete ALL the files when there should have been only one or two files.
    I discovered all my Christmas photos were gone.
    I called my IP and told them I had a hacker and they said they would put a firewall on my account.
    The intrusions immediately dropped to zero.

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    Default Re: ZERO intrusions on DSL?

    Good point ttcRose.

    Plus the modem could have a built in NAT firewall.

    And the IP could be dynamic- changes every time there is a new connection. That makes it hard for hackers to attack if the IP is always changing and your PC is a moving target.

    Best regards.

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: ZERO intrusions on DSL?

    Yes, Verizon modems do have a NAT firewall, but still kept ZASS very busy. When I added Linksys router that had a decent log on the screen, and watched the logs from Linksys, the router did most of the blocking. I never knew that Verizon can handle a request such as ttcRose described.

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    Default Re: ZERO intrusions on DSL?

    My internet from rogers (cable) has by default the ports 135, 137, 138, 139 and 445 closed. All on-line port scan show these ports as stealthed, even when not using any firewall (software or hardware).

    Best regards.

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