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    sanjeevravindra Guest

    Default Phising site

    I recently opened this page.


    Then suddenly Firefox suddenly popped a alert "Suspected web forgery" I browsed the web and found that Firefox was right, this site was a forged one (A phishing site).

    Why didn't the spy site blocking feature in ZA block access to this website?

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    Hi sanjeevravindra

    The spy site blocker is not a phishing filter. It just block a few hundred sites or so.

    The phishing filter of the IE7, FireFox and Opera are pretty good and doing it twice would be redunant.

    Perhaps, if you are interested, in safe guarding the PC from bad sites, the MVPS block list would be of interest to you. It works all the time, uses no resources and protects all of the browsers all the time.

    Just read their instructions and be sure to set the DNS Client service to Manual and Stop, before doing the install and the reboot. The block list approach is excellent for desktops.

    More info about host lists for blocking bad sites is here>

    Best regards.


    BTW I noticed the threat was a javascript threat. Blocking the javascripts globally in the ZA and just having the favorite sites in the site list to allow javascripts would defeat the javascript threats from the internet browsing. Also turning off the javascripts in the FireFox would help or use the NoScripts extension for FireFox to do that in the browser faster or easier.

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    Best regards.

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    Default Re: Phising site

    Are you using the PhishTank firefox add-on?

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    sanjeevravindra Guest

    Default Re: Phising site


    The only phishing filter I have is mcAfee siteadvisor.

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