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    marksyd Guest

    Default OpinionMart

    I keep getting OpinionMart pop-ups.
    Is there any way to block them
    ZA v.10?\Thx.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: OpinionMart

    Specifying which ads to block<a target="_blank"></a>

    Privacy protection allows you to specify which types of ads to block or to allow.<a target="_blank"></a>

    To specify which ads to block:
    1. <a target="_blank"></a>
    [*]Select Privacy|Main.<ul>[/list][/list]<a target="_blank"></a>[*]In the Ad Blocking area, click Custom.<ul>[/list][/list]<a target="_blank"></a>

    The Custom Privacy settings dialog appears.<a target="_blank"></a>[*]In the Ads to Block area, select the type of ad you want to block.<div align="left"><a target="_blank"></a>Banner/skyscraper ads<a target="_blank"></a>Blocks ads that appear in either a horizontal or vertical banner.<a target="_blank"></a>Pop-up/pop- under<a target="_blank"></a>Blocks ads that appear in a new browser window in front of or behind the window you are viewing.<a target="_blank"></a>Animated ads<a target="_blank"></a>Blocks ads that incorporate moving images.<ul>[/list][/list]<a target="_blank"></a>[*]Click OK.<hr>What you can do, is right click your ZA system tray icon on the bottom, click on &quot;Help&quot;, read the entire chapter on 'Privacy protection' , to customize your ZA. NaiveMelody NYC 11:30pm e.s.t. - Into the groove - Madonna<ul>[/list][/list]

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    Default Re: OpinionMart is listed manually to block all?

    Try adding these sites to help block As they may or may not be associated with site

    Which browser are you using? It has a pop-up blocker too.

    Where is the site where this pop-up happens? This would be helpful to solve the problem. is rated safe, so there is no spyware involved. Even though it does sound intrusive.

    Best regards.

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