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    Good afternoon. Just received an email ad for ZA customers for Anonymizer Anonymous Surfing tm.<($19.95).

    Has anyone used this software? Can you configure ZASS to do the same type of thing?

    Just wondering. Was thinking of downloading a trial.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    Do you really need Anonymous Surfing is a good question? And why?

    You may notice a slowdown of the connection sttempts and ones that are made using any proxy server. Plus those proxy servers log every connection that you use or make on the 'net. So it is till really not absolutely private or indescrete.

    It is really unneccessary from my point of view.But you may feel otherwise. Never tried this one so I cannot really say if it is good or lousy.

    Twenty bucks is cheap and if you google proxy servers, you get a load of them to check out. Some cost more and some are better than others. I would trust this service to be ethical and trustworthy, since it has come from Zone Labs/ Checkpoint.
    Some of these services are actually set up by crooks to get bank passwords and bank accounts and credit card from users and after they have a good size list, they stop providing the free server and instead start fleecing the internet world. It is an easy way to get info for unethical people.

    Best regards.

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    jailthehackers Guest

    Default Re: Surfing

    Thanks for the reply.No, don't really need it. Just thought
    it might be neat to try.Already know who's been a-hacking.
    Thanks again

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