There is a forum to which
I subscribe, but within the last days, experiencing some difficulties. When I try to log on to the forum site which incidentally is - I receive the following message


The Web site that you have requested is in violation of your Parental Control settings.

The site you requested was:

This site has been categorized as:
Hacking / Proxy Avoidance Systems.

Click here to request a reevaluation of this site or to submit a site that should have been blocked.

To unblock the category Hacking / Proxy Avoidance Systems:
Open ZoneAlarm Suite
Click Parental Control on the left-hand menu
Click the Categories tab
Clear the check box next to the category Hacking / Proxy Avoidance Systems

You may need to supply a password to perform this action.


The fact that in the past I had no problem with this forum, can someone explain a possible reason why this is now happening or for that matter why it has
been recategorized

P.S. Since the occurrence, I unblocked the category as above using the instructionsand it now works as previously. My worry is to why
I am

being informed it is
a violation whereas previously there was not a problem. Perhaps in passing I should mention that I recently had to reinstall my Zone Alarm
Security Suite.


Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:7.0