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    There is a forum to which
    I subscribe, but within the last days, experiencing some difficulties. When I try to log on to the forum site which incidentally is - I receive the following message


    The Web site that you have requested is in violation of your Parental Control settings.

    The site you requested was:

    This site has been categorized as:
    Hacking / Proxy Avoidance Systems.

    Click here to request a reevaluation of this site or to submit a site that should have been blocked.

    To unblock the category Hacking / Proxy Avoidance Systems:
    Open ZoneAlarm Suite
    Click Parental Control on the left-hand menu
    Click the Categories tab
    Clear the check box next to the category Hacking / Proxy Avoidance Systems

    You may need to supply a password to perform this action.


    The fact that in the past I had no problem with this forum, can someone explain a possible reason why this is now happening or for that matter why it has
    been recategorized

    P.S. Since the occurrence, I unblocked the category as above using the instructionsand it now works as previously. My worry is to why
    I am

    being informed it is
    a violation whereas previously there was not a problem. Perhaps in passing I should mention that I recently had to reinstall my Zone Alarm
    Security Suite.


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    Default Re: Parental Control

    Someone complained, so some office worker changed the data for that site. Set ZA to block it again, then go there, and click the link, and tell them why it shouldn't be blocked.
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