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Thread: various addresses,please help

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    novicetj Guest

    Default various addresses,please help

    Please assist me in my various addresses for zone settings .I am ignorant to the technical know- how of the Z.A software and pc.technical jargon. The user manual, dsn and Hoover sites and the forum are all informative but it is hard to understand. Folks I just want to drive the car safely not learn to be a mechanic at my age. Appreciate any assistance.

    My setup is as follows:
    One computer only
    My OS is XP Home Edition sp2
    Linksys wireless router-WRT54g-hooked up by hard -wire connection only
    Westell verizon dsl router-
    Purchased $ ZA 2007 SecuritySuite.ver 7.0.337.000

    My pc use is 80% educational, political, sports and business web surfing, 15 % word processing and 5% yahoo email. No remote sharing.
    Do not use pc for any messengers, games or videoconferences.

    I want max pc safety when surfing the web.

    With 1 and 2 listed below which are already in the trusted zone I was able to have GRC stealth readings and unable to connect leak test (successful test).

    Two addresses pop up on initial za setup:

    1. Loop back adapter l -it was placed in the trusted zone. -I understand it is the ip address for the os firewall per the forum.

    2. Net Network address with its sub mask that za indicated it as a new network? I m a single pc and thought a network was more than 1 pc. I did place it in the trusted zone. The last digit of this address is different from the address shown in the ipconf settings. That address ends with 3 digits instead ( and has same sub mask values under it. It should be noted that the that ZA called a new network is in the trusted zone and I was only able to find it within the Linksys router and not in the ip config. So what is the correct address to use for the single pc network? 192.168 .1 .0 or 3digits ???.

    3. The DHCP Sever and Default gateway have the same numbers this address gets me to my Linksys router. Should I place this address in the trusted zone or not.?

    4. DNS Servers has two addresses listed. ( 68.238.xx.12) and (68.238.yy.12.) I think but not sure that they may be the addresses to the Verizon dsl provider .Do I do anything with these addresses.

    5. Finally when I get tested at GRC they come up with a different number showing as my computer. This I think is a false number created by my wrt54g router. Should I do anything with this address or not.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    jdoliver Guest

    Default Re: various addresses,please help

    the is loopback adaptor and must be in trusted zone
    so its correct.
    the 192.168 things
    are your private network that includes your routers.
    they should be in trusted zone
    DNS servers are probably your main and alternate servers for looking up the URL to IP conversions. Leave them in the trusted zone.
    I wouldn't do anything with the address provided by GRC.

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    novicetj Guest

    Default Re: various addresses,please help

    JD ,Thank you .

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