I went for years using Zone Alarm firewall and Zone Alarm Security Suite without having problems, but now am bombarded with viruses lately.
I believe my ZA Security Suite has become corrupted, over and over again.
It may then be weakened so that it cannot perform a proper scan.
Does anyone know if there are compatibility issues with other programs, and if anyone has posted this?
I will destroy my other programs rather than corrupt ZA, since I am often a target of viruses
I am particularly interested in the following two programs, which I have often used to help me clean up registry items, broken links and the like, since I am not a computer-wise person:
Ace Utilities (love what it does, makes the system run better)PC Doc Pro (haven't had this one as long, but it does also appear to make my Windows XP run better)
I would very much appreciate an answer to this because I am very worried and it would ease my stress.Thank you in advance for anyone offering a reply to this, I am kind of desperate.
Jack from Virginia

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite