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Thread: Programs Can Change Their Privileges

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    willyanon Guest

    Default Programs Can Change Their Privileges

    I allow nothing to act as a server on the Internet. Yet I have to check almost daily, because programs such as iTunes and Real Player are able to change the privileges I've set, and in particular to change "Block" to "Allow" in the Act as a Server columns. Is there any way to prevent that? Thank you.

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    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    watcher Guest

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    Dear WillyAnon:

    According to ZAPRO's help document, the default for Program Control is Medium security and SmartDefense Advisor is set to Auto. When the latter is set to Auto, it can change the program's permissions without any interaction from you(like when it triggers a program alert and prompts you whether to allow or deny). It states that the permissions will not change unless SmartDefense Advisor comes out with a different setting(based on a database of settings for common programs) or you change them manually for the program in the Programs tab.

    There is an additional way to prevent programs from being Internet Servers. Click Firewall panel, Main tab, then click the Advanced button. Under General Settings section,
    check, Block Internet servers. This is a global setting that overrides program permissions and prevents all programs from acting as servers to the Internet zone.

    Hope this helps.


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    Default Re: Programs Can Change Their Privileges

    Hi!keep Smartdefense for the specific programs to "custom" and not "auto" and this will stop smartdefense to auto adjust the settings.Please note that everytime you install a new version (update/upgrade)of iTunes or other programs, smartdfense will need to be set to "custom" again.You can set the general Smartdefense switch (under program control) to "MANUAL", this way you will be always asked but this will create quite a lot of pop-ups and warnings.Cheers,Fax

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    willyanon Guest

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    Thanks a lot for the information. I had already set iTunes and others to "Manual" but I was hoping that there was some way to prevent unauthorized changes even when the program is updated. W. A. Shapiro

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    willyanon Guest

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    Many thanks for your answer. Yes, it was of great help, particularly the information about the "Block Internet Servers" option, which I've now set. W. A. Shapiro

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    willyanon Guest

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    Dear Fax:

    Sorry to take so long before thanking you for your answer.

    I had already set the Smart Defense option to "Manual" for the offending programs, but was not aware that this does not protect against a change when the program is updated.

    Thanks to a suggestion by WATCHER, I've also set a Program Control option to block all Internet servers.

    Unfortunately, there seems to be no option to require permission for ANY change or setting of privileges by a program, including during installation and update. So I'll have to continue checking manually for unauthorized Internet Access privileges.


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