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Thread: firewall not blocking access?

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    dlafoe Guest

    Default firewall not blocking access?

    Since I re-subscribed a few months ago, under Status-Inbound Protection-
    my firewall says "the firewall has blocked one access attempt".
    This seems odd
    after four months internet use.
    Previously I had hundreds of access attempts blocked each week.
    Also, spyware is slipping through, the same kind all the time (beagle., etc). A scan detects and deletes them, but shouldn't they not get through in the first place?thanks Dan

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    Default Re: firewall not blocking access?

    Firewalls control what goes through the network and what can sort of access programshave to it - they don't stop spyware being installed.The firewall can stop the spyware doing anything on the network, but you need anti-spyware to remove the spyware.

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