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    amitav Guest

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    hello. i am switching to a 64-bit environment. i have heard of hardware based security on those systems but don't exactly know what they are due to lack of prior experience. i would like to know how ZoneAlarm's performance will vary when used on the 64-bit system.

    thank you
    P.S. i dont mind reading so links are welcome too however feedback will be appreciated.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro x64
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    naivemelody Guest

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    Last time there was open mention of a beta 64 for XP one or two years ago in this forum;
    it never got started, back then. ZA XP 64 is dead; ZA Vista 64 is a 'if' or "when" = undetermined ?? When the time comes, there would be a 'beta' offering in this ZoneAlarm Public Beta Forum

    - and you are welcome to try and test.
    When our Vista version is released it will only be available for the 32bit Vista OS only.
    We don't have any time frame if or when we will have a 64bit Vista version at this time.

    Forum Moderator
    - dated 4-23-07<hr>Additional notes of interest: A general explanation of sorts from PCmag - from a series of articles on Vista -,1759,2074615,00.asp .

    The following excerpts -
    from chapter &gt;

    Microsoft Locks Down Security. . . and Roils Security Vendors

    Even more important, though, are the obstacles that Kernel Patch Protection, aka PatchGuard, raises. PatchGuard completely locks down the core components of Vista, preventing any and all modifications. If malware somehow breaches the containment vessel and taints the kernel, PatchGuard kills off the intrusion by deliberately crashing the system. Rootkits won't be able to hide by subverting the Windows kernel. Vista will be more secure and stable because the most important system elements can't be changed. Sounds great!

    But there's a dark side to this lockdown. Many third-party security vendors also patch into the kernel at a very low level to offer additional security protection. PatchGuard keeps out everyone bad guys, good guys, even Microsoft apps. It's already in the 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP, and it's part of the reason we've recommended avoiding 64-bit Windows unless you have a pressing need for it... continues ...<hr>Clarification note: having a 64 bit AMD memory processor on a regular mainstream
    Vista (32 bit) or XP Home Edition OS or XP Professional OS
    - does not mean you have a 'true' 64 bit Operating System(OS)
    pc. A pc will state a Vista 64 bit OS or 64 bit XP Professional OS [most XP Pro's are 32 bit OS = the
    mainstream] and these represent a very small segment of the home user market. I have a 64 bit AMD memory processor with XP Home edition; and in the early days I thought I had a 64 bit pc - not exactly. I have a 64 bit AMD memory processor on a 32 bit XP Home edition. I use normal 32 bit software, like ZA and I can use some anti-virus/antispyware that is 64 bit capable; but every software I have is 32 bit. It is the Operating System's 32 bit or 64 bit that counts; not the bit rate of the Memeory Processor like
    the very common AMD 64 bit Memory. Not unless, the &quot;operating system&quot; declares 64 bit Vista OS
    and a 64 bit AMD memory processor, then 64 bit software is preferred - currently there is a 'limited'
    Vista 64 or XP 64 software in the general market.' So if you have the very common AMD 64 bit memory on your common XP Home/Pro or Vista pc/laptop - it will be more likely be 32 bit OS; you can therefore use any 32 bit software - like ZA firewall products. You will see many ads in BestBuy, CircutiCity, CompUSA with 64 bit AMD pc's/laptop's; but they are all 32 bit Operating System-ed, unless you see
    Vista Ultimate - which gives you the option to choose between a 32 bit or 64 bit OS.<hr>Notes/Resources: - cnet - &quot; 64-bit PCs: Drivers wanted&quot; by Ina Fried, dated Aug. 3, 2007 -<hr><hr><hr><hr><hr><hr>Amitav, there are a few website dedicated to 64 bit XP - please search google, yahoo, etc.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC
    8-29-07 - Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield

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    There is no ZA for any 64 bit windows OS. It is doubful that it will appear anytime in the near future. Maybe a few years at the earliest.
    Best regards.

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    amitav Guest

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    I checked out and found that **bleep** has launched 64-bit version. I would like to know why developing for 64-bit platform is so difficult. Moreover, software designed for 64-bit works faster on 64-bit architecture.

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