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Thread: Please Help needed, heavy virus found on a friend computer

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    Default Please Help needed, heavy virus found on a friend computer

    Hi, My friend got a very wise virus on his computer and i'm trying to fix it. The virus is filling his harddrive with copied files and is running drwtsn32 in loop continuously. I tried to free some disk space by deleting some files but the virus takes not much time to fill all free bites available. I tried to install Zone lab on his windows XP computer because I am using it on my XP system and I'm very satisfied with it. But as soon I'm running the installation file of Zone lab on his computer, the installation file rename itself, and the files property changes to a .txt files.I've found the provenance of the virus, which is spawning files in a document, and cannot be accessed by any way I know, and cannot be deleted tought.
    Since his computer is barely usable, i plugged his harddrive in my computer in slave mode, and scanned his harddrive with trusted anti-virus programs ( as avg, platinum and zone lab security ) and none of them find any trouble.
    please help!!!

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    Default Re: Please Help needed, heavy virus found on a friend computer

    It could be a rootkit in the drive file system or a virus locked in the data stream of the file system or in the BIOS of the PC.

    At this point, do a quick wipe with DBAN to wipe the boot sector and any partitions and then format the drive and flash the BIOS of the original PC (this should clean any mlaware located inside it). Then reinstall the OS and continue on in life.

    Maybe your friend needs some of your help to prevent any newer infections on the newly installed OS?



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