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Thread: Password protecting internet access through ZoneAlarm

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    the_faba Guest

    Default Password protecting internet access through ZoneAlarm

    Is there any way that I can assign a password to Internet Explorer and FireFox so whenever
    anyone attempts to access the internet the user will be asked for password permission?
    My roommate uses my computer for many reasons (internet and non-internet) but they don't understand what 'no downloading' means, so I'd like to remove their internet connecting abilities.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    findley Guest

    Default Re: Password protecting internet access through ZoneAlarm

    You can do this with Windows XP Home edition:
    If you don't already, create a password for your account.
    This prevents other users from accessing your administrator-type account.Second, there is a guest account with limited access. Let others use this. If its not activated, go to control panel-->User Accounts -->click on Guest account-->click Turn on the Guest Account
    here is a link with how-to and what a limited account can do

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Password protecting internet access through ZoneAlarm

    Dear The_Faba:

    To prevent the others from downloading anything, click the Privacy panel, Main tab, then the Custom button for the Mobile Code Control section. In the Custom Privacy Settings dialog box that appears, put a checkmark in the last option, Block mime-type integrated objects, then click OK. Make sure you password protect ZAPRO so no one can change this setting. To do that, click the Overview panel, Preferences tab, and under the Password section, click Set Password. Enter the password and click OK.

    Hope this helps.


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