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Thread: 3389 Listening makes Remote Desktop Connection Inoperable

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    rinthecat Guest

    Default 3389 Listening makes Remote Desktop Connection Inoperable

    Our tech guys have set up an encrypted website that, once you've logged in, you have to access the material available with
    Remote Desktop Connection through port
    I just installed ZA Free, and I find
    "listening" at This means
    I am getting an error saying port 3389 is in use by another program and I can't go any further. Even uninstalling ZA completely
    hasn't freed
    up the port again and I am now totally out of luck on accessing databases I really need for work.
    It's absolutely critical I get that port free asap then, if possible,
    figure out how to keep it free while using ZA. Any advice would be appreciated. System is Windows XP Pro, and please keep in mind that although I'm pretty good at figuring things out,
    I'm not an advanced user, so I'd appreciate detailed instructions. :-)

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: 3389 Listening makes Remote Desktop Connection Inoperable

    Dear RinTheCat:

    This may or may not help but it won't hurt to try. Open regedit, drill down to:

    HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TerminalServ er\

    PortNumber=3389(decimal, change to port number required to use encrypted website). Note this will disable Remote Assistance as it is hardcoded to use that port. You can change it back. You may have to reboot for changes to take effect. Note is a loopback IP address, not a port.

    Hope this helps and please post back any results.


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    rinthecat Guest

    Default Re: 3389 Listening makes Remote Desktop Connection Inoperable

    Thanks indeed for the reply. Unfortunately, I've been
    ordered on pain of gooey death
    to keep my
    claws out of RegEdit. The good news is I've discovered that this entire situation is only temporary, evidently the result of their very
    strange solution to get me access to a remote computer: starting at the ZyWall Encrypted Website, ZyWall then somehow activates an encrypted VPN connection to the remote computer, and I go through
    that with RC using the loopback. Said strange solution will (I am firmly assured) not be necessary after January 1, since they will be getting
    some sort of encrypted
    multi-user system.
    Fortunately, my new laptop isn't affected, because the trial firewall/anti-virus software that came with it is still active, so I'm going to suffer through. I'll go back to ZA with that in January. Thanks again!

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