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Thread: Firewall Break-in (HELP HELP HELP)

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    Default Firewall Break-in (HELP HELP HELP)

    I am using ZA Security Suite for Vista, on a new HP laptop I purchased Dec 12, 2007. I have been using ZoneAlarm since the 90's.
    I am using an un-secure wireless signal in New York City to connect to the internet.

    Twice Windows Defender caught 2 individuals trying to access my Music folder, which means they bypassed ZoneAlarm.
    I have
    "HIGH" selected for both zones in ZA...can anyone shed some light?
    I am too broke to pay ZoneAlarm for tech support.

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Firewall Break-in (HELP HELP HELP)


    PLEASE contact Tech Support and see what they say about this issue and if you would PLEASE post back with their answer they give you, THANKS.

    PLEASE use ONLY I.E. 7 or 6 when sending this Tech Support Form, as NO other browser will work, THANKS.

    You need to contact Tech Support at


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    Default Re: Firewall Break-in (HELP HELP HELP)

    This is a bit weird.<ul>[*]Firstly, people CAN'T break into your computer. It is ABSOLUTELY NOT POSSIBLE. There needs to be a program running on your PC which responds to incoming requests. These programs are called SERVERS. Without a server on your PC, inbound attempts get nowhere - a bit like someone knocking at your front door when there is no one home.
    [*]Secondly, Windows Networks use a different protocol to the Internet. Windows networks are Peer-to-peer networks and in order for one PC to talk to another, several things must happen thus:-

    1. Both computers must be in the same Workgroup and this means setting your Workgroup name in Windows itself. Computers that are not in the same Workgroup cannot see each other even if they are on the same LAN.
    2. For someone in the same Workgroup to be able to access your disk, folders and files, they must explicitly be shared. If they are not shared, even people in the same Workgroup cannot see, or access them.

    A word about Windows Security (an oxymoron in its own right). Under the Security tab in disk, folder and file properties of W2K and XP computers running NTFS formatted disks, you should change "Everybody" to "Authenticated Users".

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default How To Secure Your Wireless Network

    There are a number of websites offering good steps for securing your wireless from PCWorld, PCMag, Cnet,, etc. Search/ google
    and you will find plenty:<hr>-
    How to secure your wireless network<hr>-
    - Practice 'safe surfing' with public Wi-Fi signals. -
    turn off file sharing<hr>-,1895,2171845,00.asp - Free Wi-Fi, the safe way.
    visual slide show - easy<hr>-,1759,2182898,00.asp
    - Beyond WEP: Beef up your Wi-Fi Security. - visual slide show - easy<hr>-
    How to secure your wireless laptop. slide show - easy<hr>-

    How to secure your home
    wireless network.
    - slide show - easy<hr>After you secure your wireless laptop as best as you can, remember, for ZA firewall main &gt; Internet Zone Security is &quot;High&quot;.
    Trusted Zone Security should be at &quot;Medium&quot; . The weakest link can also be the 'source Wi-Fi' if it uses less secure modes of transmission.<hr>:8}NaiveMelody NYC 12-26-07 - Connected - Stereo MC's

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