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Thread: port 135

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    Dear Oldsod:

    I didn't state Registry tweaking stealthed ports. I stated it made my PC more secure(hardened). As for only a firewall stealthing ports, that's not necessarily true. ANY connectivity device that stops these scans from connecting to a PC or returning that info might generate the stealth response from GRC's Shields UP. It depends upon the program used to conduct the scans(and protocols).
    I used Nessus against a LAN I set up in a lab. I was comparing Cisco routers with ACLs(ingress/egress filtering) against ZAPRO on a LAN host and Nessus returned the same results('No Vulnerability Found') as it was unable to conduct scans remotely against the LAN. Another example, fping, will only state the target IP is 'unreachable'. nmap uses terms like 'filtered' and 'Unfiltered'. I guess its up to the developers of these programs what terms they use.

    As for my port scan result being lopsided, no, the IP was my IP, trust me. As for it not being a true scan of my PC, that's true but neither was the image you presented. In order for me to prove my point, that the Registry tweaks(2) that I gave actually closed port 135, the scans from GRC would have to make it to my PC and return unblocked for each port. Ditto for yours. Since that's not going to happen, neither of us can interpret these images for the stealthed ports on what the port status would be.
    However, I would bet that port 135 would be closed as it doesn't show up in port mappers like netstat and OpenPorts and CurrPorts.

    Hope this clarifies my position.


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    Actually mine is true - it is my own IP with no firewall. Your results has some firewall being used.
    The ports in question are closed.
    I used the grc port scan just to illustrate the point of closed state. Not to make issues or create a debate.

    Cisco? How does this fit in the thread? It was already mentioned in this thread by myself that ping does not do ports.

    There are many softs to determine the status of ports of the PCs on a LAN.

    Best regards.

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    Dear Oldsod:

    I thought I explained it clearly in my last post but here goes again. The image you posted has green ports just like mine. According to GRC, these ports are stealthed. I accept that this is your IP and that you had no firewall. Ditto for mine, my IP and NO firewall. However, somewhere, these ports are being blocked from being identified as blue(closed) or red(open). Interpretation about the green ports is impossible because neither of us knows where, along the full mesh WAN that the Internet is, the scans are being dropped. Like I stated, if the scans of these ports were all returned unhindered, you would have only blue and red ports displaying on GRC's site.

    As for my Nessus project comparing Cisco routers with ZAPRO, Nessus scans using more than the PING utility. Many, many, different scans employing multiple protocols. I mentioned it because different programs use different terms for the same port status.


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