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Thread: Cannot scan!

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    barbblerelf Guest

    Default Cannot scan!

    Hello. It's been a few days and I cannot right click anything and scan it with ZA Security Suite. I don't know if it is another program that is it or what. I usually scan anything new that I download by itself instead of a full scan. I cannot scan single things anymore. Can anyone tel me what is wrong?

    Edit:Oh now i cannot scan at all. When I scan it just stays at 0 and doesn't do anything.

    Operating System:
    Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:

    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    olivetree Guest

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    Do your still have this problem? I am running version 7.0.462.000, and for the last 3 weeks it has started the virus scan and got stuck on 1 file, which it has scanned for several hours, and never moved off it. :
    Does anyone have a fix for this

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    Hi,Welcome to the Forum!PLEASE complete a FULL SCAN in Safe Mode and PLEASE keep me posted on your results, THANKS.SlyFox

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    findley Guest

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    Hello to all:
    Here is some information regarding Scanning in SAFE MODE for ZAISS 7.0.462.000.
    "Unfortunately it appears that the ability to run scans in safe mode is no
    longer an option.
    I am unsure why this ability has been taken away.
    have submitted the complaint on this to the proper department.
    I would
    hope that this will be running in the near future.

    Sorry for your
    inconvenience. "
    The above quote is from my tech ticket for ZAISS 7.0.462.000.
    I will post any further information I receive from tech support.
    Hope this helpsBest regards,Findley

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    Thanks for the heads up Findley, as I did not know about this issue. YES, PLEASE keep us updated on anymore news from Tech Support. This does NOT make sense to discontinue Scanning in Safe Mode, IMHO Only.Have a Great Day Findley and thanks again.SlyFox

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    findley Guest

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    Hi SlyFox,
    Always glad to share information.
    I agree with you!
    In my opinion, being able to scan in safe mode is very important!
    Best wishes to you and take care
    Best regards,Findley

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    stormsy Guest

    Default Re: Cannot scan!

    Hi there!

    I have had this problem - but now with version 7, I have the problem first with version 8.0.298. Decided to uninstall it and reinstall version 8.0.059, but the problem still remains.

    The scanning time takes less then 3 minutes (set on Ultra Deep) and it hangs right at the very end. This is though, in the AV logs it says the scan is complete!? I'm confused!

    I don't know what to do - I'm hoping that my PC is clean (has been every since I first brought ZA, but these days the internet is becoming less friendly...

    Any help would be great! I am stuck (literally!)


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