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    Hi! I have recently got a new router and since getting it have had a nightmare with certain online applications switching off whilst im using them. Its mostly gaming issues teamspeak/xfire/CODuo... What i was wondering is if i have Zonealarm firewall on do i HAVE to use the router firewall aswell? I never used to have this problem with my old router, i recently got a new isp and this router came with it so i cant use the old one (ive tried). Thanks!

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Trash the provider's router and buy a good GAMING router. The performance will improve and no more lags. Look for a very low latency in the router.

    Yes using the software firewall and the hardware firewall is the best. No router can secure the outbound connections or correctly control the ports of the PC. Only a software firewall can do these things and provide extra security.

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    Your hardware firewall provides port level control of both incoming and outgoing connections to and from your LAN. This is how ISP's and corporate IT control assess to and from their networks. Your software firewall provides port level control too but also allows fine tuning by providing program level control on individual computers as well.

    A hardware firewall could be set to block incoming access on some ports and outgoing access on others. eg if outgoing access on Port 25 was blocked in the router it would prevent ALL e-mail clients on ALL computers on your LAN from sending e-mail on that port. Because software firewalls operate at the program level as well, you could allow some programs to access the Internet on a particulr port and restrict others eg you could allow Thunderbird but not Outlook to send e-mail out on Port 25 provided it's open.

    The hardware firewall provides the most robust control by far, and takes precedence because it sits between your PC and the Internet.

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