I have a similar situation to a post from last year that I found which OLDSOD had responded to. I am getting absolutely HAMMERED with blocked intrusion attempts. I have a Wirelss DSL Modem/Router combo with a professional grade firewall built into it. Since I purchased Zone Alrm Internet Security it had only had to block 2 intrusion attempts....until 2 days ago. My son installed the UTorrent bittorrent clent without my permission. I happened to spot it and uninstalled and and had the discussion with him AGAIN that I do not want P2P software on my computer. I happend to open the Zone Alarm panel this morning and the attempts are coming fast and furious despite the fact that I have uninstalled the program, rebooted the computer and ran a virus and spyware scan on the system. Is there anyway to stop this or is my IP address out there now and I am sunk? I am actually not even sure if I have a dynamic or static IP so I guess I would have to check with the provider on that one. I am so thankful that zone alarm is managing to block these, but I am just afraid that it may not catch them all at the rate they are coming in. HELP!

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite