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Thread: How do I stop Intrusion Attempts?

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    tomfru Guest

    Default How do I stop Intrusion Attempts?

    I have a similar situation to a post from last year that I found which OLDSOD had responded to. I am getting absolutely HAMMERED with blocked intrusion attempts. I have a Wirelss DSL Modem/Router combo with a professional grade firewall built into it. Since I purchased Zone Alrm Internet Security it had only had to block 2 intrusion attempts....until 2 days ago. My son installed the UTorrent bittorrent clent without my permission. I happened to spot it and uninstalled and and had the discussion with him AGAIN that I do not want P2P software on my computer. I happend to open the Zone Alarm panel this morning and the attempts are coming fast and furious despite the fact that I have uninstalled the program, rebooted the computer and ran a virus and spyware scan on the system. Is there anyway to stop this or is my IP address out there now and I am sunk? I am actually not even sure if I have a dynamic or static IP so I guess I would have to check with the provider on that one. I am so thankful that zone alarm is managing to block these, but I am just afraid that it may not catch them all at the rate they are coming in. HELP!

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    svasko Guest

    Default Re: How do I stop Intrusion Attempts?

    Do you know what port he opened witht he software? It should show in the log file in ZoneAlarm under Alerts and Logs. There's a drop down box at the top that has many choices to choosefrom. Pick I believe OS Firewall or Program Firewall and you will more than likely find where the intrusions are trying to come in from. Block that port.
    Also go into the Zone Alarm under Programs and the P2P program will be there. Kill It.
    Hope this helps.

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    tomfru Guest

    Default Re: How do I stop Intrusion Attempts?

    Thank you very much Dragonfire. I found the port number of all the attacks but I am not sure where I go to block that port. Did you mean within Zonealarm or on the router?
    I also killed the UTorrent program on the program list. All attempts are being blocked, but they are still coming that far which is a concern as no program is 100% so I would much prefer that these several attempts per minute would be able to be stopped completely. Thanks again for the input and the quick response.

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    Default Re: How do I stop Intrusion Attempts?

    Turn off the Privacy in the ZA, open the Internet Explorer and open the router.
    Login and close any open ports that were opened for the torrent.
    Make sure there is no port forwarding allowed!
    Then disable the reply to Ping.
    Disable the Remote Administration login.
    Then change the default account name and password so nobody can change the router's setting or open ports in this router again!
    Make sure the SPI and NAT is still enabled.
    Then make a rule in the router and block all ports from 5001-65535 both for TCP and UDP (this will stop almost all known P2P clients and any IRC!).
    Then save the settings and exit the router.

    Open the ZA and look under the Expert of the Firewall. Delete any rules not made by yourself.
    Open the ZA and in the Main of the Firewall select the Internet slider's custom button. Scroll down and look for any ports to be opened and change this back to no values.
    Remove the P2P from the ZA Program list.

    Open the Control Panel's Add and Remove and uninstall the P2P client. Reboot.

    Open the Control Panel and create a Limited User account (and not Guest!). The limited user account has installation privileges or can do any major changes to the system. This account is for the younger family members.
    Then your own account, make safe with a strong password. Keep this password to you self and nobody else! You have the administrative account and now only you can install or make changes.

    Now open the ZA Overview and create a password. Now the ZA can be only changed with the password entered in first!

    Cheers, Oldsod

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    Best regards.

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    riceorony Guest

    Default Re: How do I stop Intrusion Attempts?

    You could also try resetting your IP address by holding the reset button on the back of the cable/dsl box.

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