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Thread: Network places > Format hard drive, Re-install Windows OS and all updates

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    edie Guest

    Default Network places > Format hard drive, Re-install Windows OS and all updates

    I discovered that someone has set up files in my network places file of Windows XP Professional that allow a computer to access my computer files.
    I admit that I am not computer savvy - but zone alarm alerted me that my computer was attempting to send information to this unknown computer and stopped it.
    It appears that it takes some work to set up network sharing files in my network places. Can files "automatically" show up there from browsing?
    (I do not have any prior working history or experience with the organizations listed in my network places).

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    riceorony Guest

    Default Re: Network places "trusted" hacker

    It is possible that you have a RAT (remote access trojan) on your computer which allows an individual from another computer to access yours remotely.

    I believe it is advisable to back-up only your required information and do a clean format because it is possible there are ports that have been open to your computer.

    Try some free online scans from
    1.) (housecall online scan)
    2.) **bleep**.com (online scan)
    3.) (online scan)

    all of those 3 give you the ability to remove anything it detects (norton and mcafee online dont)

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    edie Guest

    Default Re: Network places "trusted" hacker

    Thank you!

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