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Thread: Listening to Ports in Vista-New information

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    roark Guest

    Default Listening to Ports in Vista-New information

    There have been many recent posts, including one by me, about seeing icons in Zone Alarm in
    the top right corner with a hand underneath that are "listening" when you put the cursor under them.
    They usually say something like "windows server listening to tcp port 139" or something like that and the other will say "host process listening to udp ports 49502" and sometimes more ports listed.
    The new information, or at least to me, is that this only seems to happen when the pc is coming out of sleep mode.
    Has anyone else noticed that?
    I just tested it and after boot up these icons for listening are not there, then I surfed using both Firefox and IE and still no listening either during surfing or
    after closing the browser.
    Then I did not put the computer into sleep but just left it on and still no listening.
    After some time leaving it alone the pc went into sleep on its own and on awakening the "listening" icons were back.
    Does this make any sense and is this normal and do you think this is anything to be concerned about?
    This is using Vista and Zone Alarm free in my case.
    Thank you for any help.

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    riceorony Guest

    Default Re: Listening to Ports in Vista-New information


    You don't have to worry about that because it is the same with me.

    When I turn on my computer there are no "listening" ports like you say with various TCP and UDP ports. The some listening will only happen when I connect to the internet so that some windows host processes must open. Also, I definitely notice what you say when I restore my computer from sleep mode. Nothing to worry about (it's normal).

    If you want to check whether your ports are really open, I suggest going to and using their port sweeper to scan all your ports. If it comes back all "stealth" then you're perfectly fine!

    Also, you can go to the command prompt for vista (cmd.exe) and type this in

    -netstat -a -n


    -netstat -a

    These will show you your ports that are actively listening (which you most likely will have a few) and also the ports that are established to various websites or other computers (etc.)

    It's a very nifety way of determining whether you have a trojan on your computer opening a backdoor.


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