Ever since ZA Security Suite last updated automatically to v. 7.0.470.000, I have been getting warnings from Windows Security Center.
It recognizes that automatic updates are on.
And it recognizes that Virus Protection is on (using one from ZA Suite).
But it reports the Firewall is OFF.
"ZoneAlarm Security Suite Firewall reports that it is curently turned off."

Ran Norton Security Center which also reports security issues detected on my computer.
Virus Protection shown as "OK " (recognizes ZA Security Suite Antivirus is on)
Windows Automatic Updates also shown as "OK".
But reports ZoneAlarm Security Suite Firewall is turned off. {Of course if offers to protect by either configuring Windows Firewall or with Norton products.)

I ran Symantec Online Security Check (as have done in past), to test vulnerability to online threats, but it would not complete.
It did recognize my network service provider and listed a URL but it doesn't seem to be valid or won't connect.
ZA Security Suite continues to provide outgoing alerts.
Overview page shows "All Systems Active", and reports blocking inbound intrusions.
Computer is running slower. I ran ZA ZZ Anti-Spyware - reported clear. I also run SpyBot-SD Resident.

Is there a genuine security concern?
Is ZA Firewall really inactive?

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite