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Thread: Threat found in Zonealarm

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    darto Guest

    Default Threat found in Zonealarm

    Once the computer starts up, a Zonealarm question asks you if you want to buy a licence. The thing is if you don't answer this question, you are not protected, since zonealarm start after this is answered.

    Zonealarm should be started at the same time with this question.

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    stupefy Guest

    Default Re: Threat found in Zonealarm

    The next time you reboot or startup your computer.....when you are presented with the ZoneAlarm question asking you if you want to buy a license.....STOP RIGHT THERE AND DO NOTHING.....Wait five minutes ( I am asking for five minutes to allow Windows Security Center to stabalize) after five minutes navigate to the Windows Security Center:START/Control Panel/Security Center
    and check to see if the Windows Security Center 'Firewall'
    reports that ZoneAlarm Firewall is on and that the Windows Security Center 'Virus Protection'reports that ZoneAlarm Antivirus is up to date and virus scanning is on.....
    Should the Windows Security Center report that ZoneAlarm Firewall and ZoneAlarm Antivirus are on and active, then your computer is protected andthere is no "Threat found in ZoneAlarm"
    Hope this helps,stupefy

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