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    Hi All
    I m new here. I have ZAIS v7.0.408 pro. I m using WinXP SP2 . When I install ZA my Computer RESTARTS unexpectedly about every 5 minutes. I am very UPset with this stuff
    Initially I thought that it would be a virus or something else. I am also using NOD32 v2.70 as antivirus. but i don't think it is of any concern of compatibilty . I thoroughly scanned my PC eliminating the Brontok virus found. But after that whenvever i install ZA computer starts restarting, after uninstall the problem is corrected

    What is this anybody having solution I would be Glad to know
    Help me

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Hi!ZASSdoes not play nicewith NOD... even if ZASS AV is OFF. You may run it without problems on the surface but conflicts are behind the scene. Golden rule to avoid problems 1 antivurs and 1 firewall at the same time. And if you really want to run them bothat least do not run them at the same time.They will fight for resources and lock each other = less security and easy infections.If you want to troubleshoot ZASS problems:1. Remove NOD and 2. Remove ZASS following closely this instruction: note of the license key and remember to remove the folder detailed at the end of the document.Reinstall ZASS (download the latest version). See here: you want to keep NOD better you move to ZAPRO.Cheers,Fax

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