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Thread: Mobile Code privacy settings on a specific website: confused

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    jackrabbit Guest

    Default Mobile Code privacy settings on a specific website: confused

    I have customized Mobile code Control under Privacy to block embedded objects and scripts. When I go to Microsoft Update or Windows Update which requires Active X, it of course does not work.
    If instead I go to the site list under Privacy, and edit the microsoft. com website to allow mobile code,
    I would
    expect the Active X to load, but the site still does not work.
    To get it to work I have to go back to the Pirvacy Mobile Code and uncheck block embedded objects, and then it works. The active X downloads and the site will look for updates.
    I must not understand how or what the purpose of the site list is. I want to block active X on most sites to not allow malicious downloads but also tell Zone Alarm that some sites like Microsoft Update or are always OK to use Active X to function.
    What am I doing wrong?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    stupefy Guest

    Default Re: Mobile Code privacy settings on a specific website: confused

    After editing any site listed
    in the 'Site List' the Internet Cache needs to be cleared before the 'Site List' Rules will apply, if the Internet Cache is not cleared after editing any site, the 'Custom Privacy Settings' rules still apply.....There is a Tab 'Cache Cleaner' to the right of the 'Site List' on that Tab and first set the Cache Cleaner up by clicking on the 'Custom' button located on the lower right side, then proceed to clean the Cache, it should work after that.....
    It can get a bit confusing and I have found a 'midway' between the 'rules'I found it easier to let the 'Custom Privacy Settings' govern the Rules and Sites and only custom edit sites in the 'Site List' that I want to Specifically other words, reverse the priority of the governing of the Rules.....Allow most and Edit Unwanted.....otherwise one will constantly be editing the 'Site List' is my setup:
    CookiesAllow session cookiesAllow persistent cookiesBlock 3rd party cookiesDisable web bugsRemove private header informationExpire cookies immediately after receiptShow Privacy Advisor
    Ad BlockingAllow banner/skyscraper adsBlock pop-up/pop-underAllow animationAd Void Control nothing
    Mobile CodeAllow javascriptAllow scripts (vbscript, etc.)Allow embedded objects (java, ActiveX) (by default ActiveX is blocked by the Browser)Allow mimi-type integrated objects
    Now.....for any site I want to block the rules that 'Custom Privacy Settings' allow, I edit in the 'Site List' and clear the Cache.....After any site is edited in the 'Site List' that site and its rules remain and are not deleted after a reboot or any editing to the 'Custom Privacy Settings'
    Tip: When editing the 'Site List' edit from right to left then click on the 'Options' button located in the lower right hand corner, and further edit the rules.The edited sites will remain in the 'Site List' until deleted by the user.....
    Hope this helps,stupefy

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