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Thread: Network Security through a router

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    Default Network Security through a router

    Hi,I have been looking and searching for a new way to secure an internet filter to a
    computer hooked up to my router, and have been unsuccessful without installing software onto the wireless computer.
    My network is as this :
    phone cable into Modem/Router - Ethernet from "my" computer to the modem/router - wireless feed from the router to a wireless laptop.
    Is there any way zone alarm can filter internet /
    block certain internet categories to the wireless laptop, through my computer and router? I am running XP Pro on "my" computer, and XP Home on the laptop.
    Any help and tips are greatly appreciated.

    Operating System:
    Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:
    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Network Security through a router

    Are you wanting to filter adult content or something like that. It is possible, but it is less headache to buy another license, and install ZA on the wireless. It would also require network reconfiguration. And likely your connection speed would decrease because of the configuration of the network.
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    Default Re: Network Security through a router

    If there's a way to save money, I'll do it. My connection speed will be just fine, and even if it blows up in my face, I can say that I did it, and gained experience.
    Any tips would be nice, I can follow instructions pretty good.

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    Default Re: Network Security through a router

    ZA only protects the computer it is installed on. What you are suggesting to me sounds like you want to use "Internet Connection Sharing" from your wireless laptop to your wired PC then to your router to enable your wireless laptop to be protected by ZA which is installed on your wired PC?

    As Great Guru Hoov has already said, it is possible and I agree with him that another licence is a much better option even if it costs money.

    However, there is another option - use a DNS server that can tailor your Internet profile to whatever you wish. This protects ALL devices on a network and you can set up filters to filter a whole suite of sites (porn, gambling, phishing etc etc etc). You open an account with them, set up your filters and then set your router to use OpenDNS as the DNS server rather than the DNS server operated by your ISP. OpenDNS then applies the DNS profile you selected to ALL DNS requests from your network.

    Check it out at OpenDNS.

    However don't think for a minute that implementing any or all of these measures will give you total control of the internet access. Programs like TOR which are easily installed and configured can make everything else totally redundant.

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    Default Re: Network Security through a router

    Thanks for the help guys, and for the answer. Hope to post more questions for you soon
    Take care.

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    Default Re: Network Security through a router

    Ur welcome!

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