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Thread: How can i check what IP pinged me?

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    Default How can i check what IP pinged me?

    I got pinged few times already, which lead to loss of my internet connection for few minutes. My internet provider asked me what IP has pinged me, but I've got no clue how to check it. Can some1 help me?

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    Default Re: How can i check what IP pinged me?

    How do you know it was a ping?
    Have you checked the ZA Logs in the Log Viewer?
    Often the pings, tracert, address is unavailable and address is out of reach types of ICMP is not unusual.
    Too many ICMPs all at once or malformed packets in the ICMP is a threat, but usually a home PC is farily safe from these attempts.

    Basically look for ICMP types 0, 3, 8, 10 and 11.
    And look at the codes and types.
    The remote IPs using the ICMP (perhaps weird UDP) will be listed.

    Look for the associated connections next to the ICMP connections for the protocol (tcp and udp) and the ports (25, 53,67, 68, 110, 80, 443, etc) and the flags (if included).

    Unix/linux pc/servers may use UDP with certain high end ports (well above the 5000 limit) for some of the usual windows icmp acvitity.

    Occasionally the provider's DNS servers will attempt to connect/esatablish connections with ICMP and reply to the PC's ICMP outgoing calls.
    The DHCP server of the provider will do so as well along with some broadcasts.

    I assume there is no router or modem with NAT enabled in front of the PC. These can be set not to reply to pings. And that your PC is directly connected to the internet using a plain non-NAT modem or is using dialup.


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