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    I scanned my pc today as I usually do every two to three days. My anti spy ware picked up a Win32 Trojan Key which was linked to Megaupload Toolbar. Its a browser plugin. the risk was medium and I deleted it since I dont use the plug in on FireFox anyway. Question is should I be worried I still us the Megaupload Manager to download. I have read today after the fact that I installed it that the download manger comes packed full of malware and spyware. Should I stop using it or not?

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    Hi,Welcome to the Forum!If you read that this program comes loaded with MALWARE, I highly recommend you to get rid of it ASAP. Then scan your computer with any of the really good free online programs thatare available on the internet to make sure you are clean. You may want to run a couple of free rootkit programs to scan your computer for any possibility of a nasty rootkits, but that is your decision.SlyFox

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