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    I have my home modem/router dsl wired address listed in the trusted zone. I recently got a wireless card for my laptop. If I go to a public wifi location and they use the same dsl company that I have would it be safer to change the setting or would it have to stay the same to work. Haven't tried to connect yet. Kind of leary of someone being able to get in to my computer. Thanks

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    If you use any network that you don't know or don't trust, make sure its in the internet zone.
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    Any public Wi-Fi access point is totally unsafe. Anyone with a Wi-Fi enabled computer can listen in on your traffic - which is mostly unencrypted. Unless you use a Wi-Fi access point that is encrypted (with a WEP key or WPA) everything that passes over the wireless link (ie broadcast) is essentially public domain.

    If you do use public Wi-Fi access points for sensitive stuff (like Internet Banking), make sure the link is encrypted. If you want encrypted communications (IM's, voice, video and file transfer) use Skype.

    Regarding your original question, you won't know what ISP the access point uses. When an access point is in range, it will show on your PC and you will have the option of connecting. Your PC will obtain the IP address from the access point. It will also ask you for any security enabled features (like asking you for the WEP key) if enabled.

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    Thanks for the help!

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