Hello, I've had problems with the latest windows update like all the others appear to have had, and mistakenly uninstalled ZA. I have reinstalled it, but it seems like ZA will not block any program from accessing the net (at this time, I'm writing this up using a browser that I had set to deny access to both internet and trusted zones). I tried the trick with clearing the database recommended in another thread about leak tests, and I've even uninstalled and clean installed several times, without success.

ZA is not set in learning mode (or at least doesn't say it is), and even asks whether I want to allow programs access or not. However, whatever answer I choose, it allows access anyway. I don't think it is malware, since I've basically avoided as much of the internet as possible since the issue with the MS update came up, and I do not believe my old version did this at all. Plus, I can still use the internet lock to stop all net activity.

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