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Thread: Loading ZA ahead of other programs

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    pezza Guest

    Default Loading ZA ahead of other programs

    Is there a way I can get ZA started ahead of the other startup programs. About 5 or 6 kick in ahead of ZA and I see network activity going on without the benefit of ZA's monitor.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Loading ZA ahead of other programs

    This is a frequently asked question - even though you see the ZA icon show up last or in the middle of the pack as it does for most of us - it is actually working first as soon as you start up. Generally that's the way it will work, really nothing you can do to 'force' it to show up first - but behind the scenes it's sorting and verifying all your programs, all the connections, etc. get the idea.<hr>The ZA Icon in the tray does show up last, but that is Cosmetic..Zone Alarm actually loads VSMON.EXE and TrueVector
    and other stuff in the Background as soon as your Computer starts to bootup,and they are both the last files to shut down when you shut down your computer, to make sure that your computer is protected at all times..
    &lt; Guru GeorgeV<hr>The Zone Alarm starts as a Service (vsmon.exe) and although the zlclient.exe (the GUI part of the ZA and it is the icon in the tray) does not start till the very end of the windows startups, the vsmon.exe has been started as the windows was started. The ZA is doing firewalling at the time of the startup and providing security.

    &lt; Guru Oldsod<hr>There is no need to worry.
    ZoneAlarm starts as a Windows service. The core component of the firewall is called vsmon.exe and it starts as a service (meaning it has already been started when you reach your Windows login screen).
    The ZoneAlarm GUI starts up later, as zlclient.exe. This component allows you to make configurations, see reports, etc, all in a graphical manner.

    However, you are still fully protected, because vsmon.exe is always on.
    &lt; Guru chiaz/chiawaikian

    <hr>I see network activity going on without the benefit of ZA's monitor. = usually it's your ISP connecting, svchost.exe - generic host for process for win32 services , most anti-virus like to start contacting home for new def when you have auto-updates, other software you may have with 'auto-updates' turned on - they are all sending out and looking to connect - usually benign - all with ZA OSfirewall already there monitoring. See logs.<hr><hr>NaiveMelody NYC 7-27-08 - Get Down Tonight - K.C. &amp; The Sunshine Band

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    pezza Guest

    Default Re: Loading ZA ahead of other programs

    Gosh, that says it all. Many thanks for the reply.

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