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Thread: Outbound only Zone Alarm?

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    roark Guest

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    Hopefully this won't sound like a really stupid question but does anyone know if Zone Alarm or any other firewall has considered offering an outbound only firewall application? The idea would be that this would go primarily with users that are behind a router and also maybe use the built in XP firewall. I thought between the router and the XP firewall the in bound protection is fairly secure so that is my first question, is that true? I definitely still would want outbound protection though and I didn't know if only providing outbound would make the firewall much lighter and quicker in terms of speed. The only reason I have thought of this is that I have a fairly new laptop. Now ZA free is the only firewall I have ever used and normally that is the first thing I download and install on a new computer. I have used the laptop a few times connecting wirelessly through a home network and using just the Xp firewall and I notice how quick everything seems. So I thought it would be great if ZA had an outbound only firewall if that would keep the speed close to where it is but I wasn't sure if, even with outbound only, that it would make a real difference in terms of speed compared to the full inbound/outbound firewall. Crazy idea?



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    unhappy_viewer Guest

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    There is no outbound only ZA as it would not be marketable. Many people still prefer the inbound protection of ZA over Windows XP's Windows Firewall since its much more secure. Just take a look at many of the past security bulletins from Microsoft and see how many vulnerbilities still affect Windows XP SP2 even with Windows Firewall switched on.

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    billc Guest

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    You can 'effectively' have an "outbound" only Zone Alarm by going to your Firewall > Main panel and put the security sliders on 'low'. If you're using a 'paid' version of Zone Alarm go to the Privacy > Main panel and turn off all Privacy blocking. Do the same for e-mail. In other words, turn off everything except your Program control.

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    edwardag Guest

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    I had to turn Outbound Protection off in order to enable writing emails directly from web pages. With Outbound on it wouldn't let me open OE from web pages, nor see Source.
    How important is it for me to have Outbound protection or do you know how to set it up to allow Outlook Express to work directly from web pages?

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